All our projects are filmed in High Definition, ranging from XDCAM EX to RED RAW codecs. Most of our productions however, end up being distributed in compressed DVD / Blu-Ray or Internet format. Some audiences have had the luxury of viewing our productions in their original full 2K format as a High Definition projection. Quite an experience.

In recent years we have made several very diverse projects including an Irish reality TV show; an ‘ambassador’ DVD for the city of Bruges; an introductory DVD to the National Park of ‘les calanques’ in the South of France; and an infomercial for a yacht harbour. / /

We are currently working on a commercial DVD of Cap Corse, and are in pre-production for a six month shoot throughout the 27 E.E.C countries for a Mercedes commercial. Future projects will lead us in a more ‘aquatic’ direction with documentaries about the Eolian and Greek islands being in the planning stages.

If you would like to see your project in this list of references, please contact us. We would be very interested in arranging a meeting for that initial exchange of creative vision.

Last updated winter 2009/2010